Craig Mungons

Direct Response TV
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Some of the best life stories begin later in life.

Slowing down and appreciating what it means to be fully present with your feelings, your passions, the people you love…and the peace that comes along with that. These spots support the Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare. 

At a certain age, as your everyday responsibilities shift, you begin to have time to slow down and truly experience life.  A simple morning swim in the lake becomes a communion with the beauty of nature.  Refurbishing a piece of furniture, something you’ve done a dozen times, becomes a metaphor for your own life transformation.  It’s as if your eyes are suddenly open for the first time.

And to usher you through this newfound freedom, there is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan – a partner in this extraordinary phase, giving you the confidence that you are covered wherever your new life may take you.

Both spots were developed by DP+ and directed by Arturo Perez of We The People.  Post by Hudson Edit.

Life is good.


Marketing Initiative
General Motors

I had the pleasure of working with a great group of people on GM’s huge online initiative for the January 2021 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  GM’s forward-thinking insights into the intersection between electronics and automotive autonomy is excellent.  I produced two of the contributing videos developed by Momentum NY and Commonwealth//McCann Detroit.

In GM EDelivery the e-pallets and smart rover are entirely CG.

In Cadillac PAV the exterior driving vehicle is entirely CG.

Great work by Framestore on the shoot and fabulous photo-real VFX.

The entire online exhibit can be seen at

An Electric Future For All.